January 25, 2021 Statistics

Italian innovative start-ups: the 2020 statistics

According to the updated statistics published by the Italian Minister of Economic Development (MISE), at the end of 2020 the number of the innovative start-up registered in the special section of Italian Business Register was 11,899 (+1,017 companies than the previous year (read: Innovative start-ups: the 2019 statistics). The 11,899 innovative start-ups represent 3.2% of all the recently established limited companies.

For the definition of innovative start-up read: Innovative start-ups and SMEs: definition for the Italian law

The majority of them provides services to other companies (74.4%), whilst 17.2% of them are manufacturing companies.

The establishment of innovative start-ups is still relevant in certain industries: approx. 40% of the new established companies in the IT industry were registered as innovative start-ups; the percentage reached 67.4% in case of companies in the general R&D industry.

The subscribed equity capital of the 11,899 innovative start-ups touched € 724.3 million in 2020 (+ € 141.1 million compared to the previous year), with an average equity capital of € 60,866 per company.

The MISE was able to collect FY2019 revenues for 63.0% of the registered start-ups. Overall, the total turnover for these companies was € 1,368 million in 2019 (approx. € 218 million more than 2018). The average annual turnover was only € 184,700, the median turnover was € 39,500.

As of 31st December 2020, the total number of shareholders of innovative start-ups reached 56,329, +0.5% compared to the previous quarter (Q3 2020). Only 1,556 companies (13.1% of the total) were owned and managed in majority by women (compared to 21.5% of all the recently established limited companies). The companies founded by under-35 are 2,256 (19.0% of the total).


You can find the detailed statistics produced by the Italian Minister of Economic Development (in Italian) at the following link: http://startup.registroimprese.it/isin/report_trim?fileId=4_trimestre_2020.pdf