February 17, 2020 Statistics

Innovative start-ups: the 2019 statistics

According to the updated statistics published by the Italian Minister of Economic Development (MISE), at the end 2019 the number of the innovative start-up registered in the special section of Italian Business Register was 10,882 (+ 1,124 companies than the previous year, and + 718 companies compared to the previous statistics published on scaleupitaly.com (read: The rise of innovative start-ups and SMEs: key statistics).

For the definition of innovative start-up read: Innovative start-ups and SMEs: definition for the Italian law

The majority of them provide services to other companies (73.7%), whilst 17.6% of them are manufacturing companies.

In certain industries, the establishment of innovative start-ups appears to be relevant: 35.8% of the new established companies in the IT industry were registered as innovative start-ups; the percentage reached 68.5% in case of companies in the general R&D industry.

The subscribed equity capital of the 10,882 innovative start-ups touched € 583.2 million (+ € 93.9 million compared to the previous year), with an average of € 53,594 per company.

The MISE was able to collect FY2018 revenues for 61.2% of the registered start-ups. Overall, the total turnover of these companies was € 1,168 million in 2018 (approx. € 250 million more than 2017). The average annual turnover was only € 175,000; just 3.8% of them reached an annual turnover above € 1 million.

As of 30th September 2019, 4,372 innovative start-ups employed at least one employee, for a total of 13,803 employees, representing an average of 3.2 employees per company.  If we also consider the shareholders engaged in the operating activities of their companies, the total number of people working for an Italian innovative start-up increases to 61,820.


You can find the detailed statistics produced by the Italian Minister of Economic Development (in Italian) at the following link: https://www.mise.gov.it/images/stories/documenti/4_trimestre_2019-rep-startup-stats.pdf

The lists of incorporated innovative start-ups (in Italian) in the Section “Open data dal Registro delle Imprese” at the following link: https://www.mise.gov.it/index.php/it/impresa/competitivita-e-nuove-imprese/start-up-innovative/relazione-annuale-e-rapporti-periodici