January 27, 2020 Statistics

Italian crowdfunding: the 2019 statistics of CrowdfundingBuzz

According to CrowdfundingBuzz, in 2019, the Italian equity-based crowdfunding platforms raised € 65,6 million in favour of 140 start-ups and SMEs. This represents approx. 2 times the amount raised in the previous year (€ 36 million).  The real estate equity crowdfunding platforms contributed with € 16,5 million.

Data are consistent with the research of the Crowd-Investing Observatory at MIP, the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano.

Read the article on the Crowd-Investing Observatory’s last year report: Italian crowdfunding platforms: the 2019 statistics of the Crowd-Investing Observatory

As of December 2019, the authorised equity-based crowdfunding platformshave organised overall 506 campaigns since their inception. These platforms have raised € 120 million with 334 successful campaigns.

The number of investors increased from 9.500 in 2018 to 18.000 counted in 2019.

On average, the raised capital per campaign was € 469.000. In 2019, 21 campaigns (out of 140) raised more than € 1 million (compared to 7 in 2018). 10 of these above-the-million campaigns were related to real estate projects. 6 campaigns raised more than € 2 million, and 2 of them more than € 3 million. Excluding the above-the-million campaigns, the average raised capital drops to € 260.000.

The top crowdfunding platforms – according to the total amount raised in 2019 – were the following:


You can find more more statistics (in Italian) at the following link: http://www.crowdfundingbuzz.it/equity-crowdfunding-in-italia-infografica/