September 2, 2019 Statistics

Italian crowdfunding platforms: the 2019 statistics of the Crowd-Investing Observatory

The Crowd-Investing Observatory at MIP, the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano ( is the Italian research centre that collects information on the online crowdfunding platforms, and particularly the equity-based and lending-based crowdfunding platforms.

The Crowd-Investing Observatory considers the Italian market at least 3 years behind the French and German ones, and 7 years behind the UK one.

According to the latest report, as of June 2019, there are 35 authorised equity-based crowdfunding platforms in Italy. Overall, these platforms have organised 401 campaigns since their inception. These platforms have worked with 369 companies and 6.191 investors, and have successfully raised € 82,3 million for 233 companies. The first 6 platforms (Mamacrowd, CrowdFundMe, OPStart, StarsUP, Backtowork24 and 200 Crowd) have together a market share of 75%.

The equity raised in the period June 2017-June 2018 is € 36,4 million, three times the amount raised in the previous year (€ 11,6 million). The trend is still positive in 2019: the Observatory reports an 89% growth in the first semester 2019, compared to the first semester 2018.

On average, the equity raised per campaign is € 200.000, with a 75% success rate. 13 campaigns raised more than € 1 million.

These numbers do not consider the real estate equity crowdfunding platforms, which on average raise € 664.000 per campaign with a 100% success rate.

If we look at the investment size, 25% of the equity investments have tickets below € 500, 25% between € 500 and € 1.000, and 30% between € 1.000 and € 5.000. This latter class is growing.

In the last 12 months, there were the first exits: one IPO, two paybacks by the controlling shareholders, two trade sales and five write-offs.

On the lending side, the lending crowdfunding platforms operating in Italy are just 13 as of June 2019: 7 platforms are dedicated to SMEs (such as Borsadelcredito, October, PrestaCap), while 6 platforms provide loans to consumers (such as Younited Credit, Smartika, Prestiamoci). Overall, these platforms have provided 1.400 loans to SMEs, and 37.000 loans to consumers. The total capital raised is € 156,3 million for SMEs and € 279 million for consumers, and it is expected to grow, especially for SMEs.

A particular section of the report is dedicated to the real estate crowdfunding, a growing vertical segment. As of June 2019, there are 2 equity-based platforms (Concrete and Walliance) and 4 lending-based platforms (Rendimento Etico, Trusters, Housers, CrowdEstate) operating in Italy. These platforms have financed all the announced 57 real estate projects, raising in total € 22,6 million (€ 9,8 million loans and € 12,8 million equity investments), representing a 100% success rate.

For more info on the Italian equity crowdfunding regulation read: Legal framework for equity crowdfunding


You can download the detailed report produced by the Crowd-Investing Observatory (in Italian) at this LINK

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