July 25, 2023 Statistics

The digital market in Italy is worth € 77.1 billion: key statistics of the Anitec-Assinform report

According to the report of Anitec-Assinform, the Confindustria association of leading ICT companies, in collaboration with NetConsulting cube, in 2022, the digital market in Italy is worth € 77.1 billion (2.4% growth compared to the previous year).

The data presented by Anitec-Assinform show a slowdown compared to the +5.3% of 2021, but also to a profound change in the market.

The slowdown is primarily related to tlc network services (-2.7%) and devices and systems (-1%). The market was adversely affected by the performance of home & office devices, especially desktop PCs and TV sets; for the latter, the effect of the switch-off of the digital terrestrial broadcasting system ended.

On the other hand, there is market growth driven by “digital transformation” technologies. Cloud computing, cybersecurity, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain are the enabling technologies that are underpinning the digital market in Italy.

Cloud computing services are growing by 24% – to € 5.2 billion – big data management solutions by 14.1% to € 1.5 billion, and cybersecurity by 14% (€ 1.6 billion). Cybersecurity spending in Italy is expected to grow further, especially in two areas subject to constant cyber incursions, public administration and healthcare.

Growth rates also appear interesting for artificial intelligence (+32%), although with still a low market value of € 435 million. The market share of blockchain is even smaller, only € 42 million, but the 28% leap is significant.

Therefore, against the slowdown of the more mature technology components, the most innovative products and services are expected to grow at an average annual rate of 12.8% in the period 2022-2026. Thus, the growth rate of the entire market is expected to increase at an average yearly growth of 4.5% to almost € 92 billion in 2026.

An internal problem with this development pattern, however, is its unevenness.

Small companies continue to move slower (+2.5% in 2022 against 5.9% for large companies), as well as the South of Italy at 0.5% compared to +3.2% in the North-West and 3.3% in the Centre.

The total number of companies investing in technology and machinery increased in 2022, although the net balance between companies planning to increase investment and those planning to decrease it dropped compared to 2021. Moreover, just approx. 3/4 of Italian companies have reached a “basic level” of digitisation, close to 100% among those with 250 or more employees.


The research (in Italian) is available at this link: