June 26, 2019 Statistics

Scaleupitaly: give more power to the Italian start-ups

I landed in StartupLand 5 years ago, when the company I work for, decided to intensify the promotion activities of new entrepreneurial initiatives. 

In the last 5 years, I’ve had the chance to participate in the thrilled process of turning passionate ideas into reality. I have met students, managers, first-time and serial entrepreneurs who were fighting hard every day to turn business opportunities into real companies, which hopefully would change the status quo.

Their passion and commitment for creating something from nothing, in a country like Italy that, even if it’s the fourth-largest economy in Europe, is also one of the most challenging places for starting a business, is literally inspiring.

But things are changing, at least for innovative start-ups and SMEs. With a new favourable regulatory framework, a high quality education system, a supportive business environment, and more money available for venture capital investments, Italy has started its path to the creation of a proper start-up ecosystem.

So despite the bureaucracy, the high levels of taxation, the complex regulatory framework and all the economic and political issues that Italy is facing, there are skilled people who have decided to be entrepreneurs in Italy, and work hard every day to improve their lives and the ones of their teammates. 

This blog aims to talk about these people and their hard work. It aims to help non-Italian investors, who would like to approach our country, to understand our ecosystem. It aims to give more power to the current and future Italian start-ups.

Here you find articles on the Italian business environment, statistics on companies and investors, interviews with start-uppers and professionals in the venture capital field.

I hope you will join the Italian start-up ecosystem very soon!