February 24, 2020 Ecosystem

Rancilio Cube created Cube3, a new Italian vehicle for international venture capital investments

Rancilio Cube, the family office of the Rancilio family, created Cube3, a new Italian vehicle for international venture capital investments.

Rancilio Cube was established by Luca Rancilio, his sister Silvia and his mother Adele in 2013, with the proceeds received from the sale of the family espresso machine company, founded by Roberto Rancilio in 1927 (ranciliogroup.com).

Since then, Rancilio Cube has made more than 80 venture capital investments in specialised funds and companies at different stages and in multiple geographies and sectors, representing a value of  approx. € 27 million.

The family office decided to start a new “[ad]venture” together with a selected pool of other Italian family offices, interested in sharing the Rancilio Cube’s investment strategy.

Cube3 was then created, thanks to the spin-off of the international venture capital portfolio of the Rancilio family.

Through a capital increase of € 11 million, the vehicle welcomed other investors, including Ares (Cassina-Pezzoli family), Luigi and Tiziano Doppietti, Nico Ventures (Marco Nicosia), Rancilio Farm (Roberto Rancilio), R301 (Alessandro Rivetti), Finn Holding (Claudio Tavazzani), Mlts (Emilio Tommasi), Vis Capital (Giovanni Tremonti) and CubOne.

The Cube3’s strategy is to continue investing worldwide and complete new and larger operations in different sectors and markets.

Today, Cube3 owns directly equity stakes in companies such as the American SpaceX, Airbnb, 23andme, Flexport, Capsule, Coursera, Toast, Omaze, Naadam, N26, Taboola, Heart Flow, the Italian Casavo, Treedom, Freeda, Supermercato24, Soundreef, and the European SumUp, Tier, Lyst, Fraugster, Bnext, Prodigy Finance, Travelperk e Deliveroo.

The company inherited also the Racilio Cube’s investments in 17 international venture funds, such as Firstmark V, DST VII, Jackson Square Venture III, GSquared IV (US), Speedinvest F e 3, Target Global Mobility and Early Stage II, Oxford Science Innovation and Triodos Organic Growth (EU).

The overall portfolio has an exposure of 33% to Italy, 33% to the rest of Europe, and 49% to the USA and Israel.

Luca Rancilio said: “We are particularly happy to be able to share our investment strategy with some selected families. With patience and curiosity, we would like to reach new and larger deals, leveraging our experience in the past six years. We are very grateful to those who trust our project. Cube3 aims at seizing unique opportunities, regardless geographical and cultural boundaries, with the mission to become a landmark for the venture capital in Italy “.


Rancilio Cube website: https://www.ranciliocube.com/#1