November 16, 2020 Statistics

Online establishment of Italian innovative start-ups: the new record during Covid-19 pandemic

Since July 2016, innovative Italian entrepreneurs can establish and register their start-ups at the Chamber of Commerce with the Italian Business Register in a free and fully digitalised manner, with the technical support of their own Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA) or in total autonomy.

The online procedure, avoiding a notarial deed, allows to save on average € 2,000 of establishment fees.

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As of 30 September 2020, 3,422 innovative start-ups have been established thanks to the online procedure (approx. 28% of total innovative start-ups).

In the third quarter of 2020, 292 companies used the online procedure. This is the highest number of companies ever registered since 2016. According to MISE, the number is partly influenced by the slight recovery of the Italian industrial system, after the lockdown period related to Covid-19.

The online procedure was chosen by 38% of the innovative start-ups established in Italy in the period October 2019-Septmebre 2020, and by over 40% of the companies established in the third quarter of 2020 (42.3%).

However, a territorial analysis shows significant differences of certain areas from the national average data.

The online procedure is highly used in Lombardy (27.1%), Lazio (11.1%) and Veneto (11%), where most of the innovative start-ups are based. Milan is the main hub for Italian innovative start-ups, representing 17% of all companies created digitally.

If we breakdown the numbers for each Italian region, in Basilicata, Sardinia and Calabria more than 50% of innovative start-ups opted for the online procedure (Basilicata 88.5% – Sardinia 66.7% – Calabria 54%). In Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria, the online procedure was used by less than 25% of the established innovative start-ups (Abruzzo 22.6% – Marche 20.8% – Umbria 20.6%).

Another interesting indicator is the average length of the registration procedure, that is the time between the establishment of the company (definition and sending of the deed of incorporation and bylaws to the Chamber of Commerce) and the registration in the special section of the Italian Business Register.

In this period of time, the competent Chamber of Commerce confirms the requirements for the registration.

On average, in the period October 2019-Septmebre 2020, an innovative start-up waited 28 days to obtain the registration in the special section of the Italian Business Register (compared to the overall average of 38 days, considering start-ups established online since 2016).


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