March 2, 2020 Statistics

Italian tech start-ups to watch in 2020

The Italian venture capital keeps growing. According to the Venture Capital Monitor, 2019 registered a 45% growth in the number of VC transactions (148 transactions), and a 15% growth in the total capital invested by VC funds (€ 597 million).

Below you find a list (in alphabetical order) of the Italian tech start-ups and scale-ups that are believed to be the most promising companies in 2020.

The list was created by collecting data from multiple public sources. These sources selected the most promising Italian tech start-ups and scale-ups by analysing several factors, including company size, growth rate, funding amount, registered IP rights, etc.

Apps-Builder: is a self-service app creator for smartphones, for users with no technical knowledge required.

armadioverde: a fashion re-commerce website in Italy, with the mission to become the most recommended community-based service platform for the exchange of high-street fashion in Europe.

Beintoo: an Italian mobile data company operating in the digital advertising and data driven marketing field. a peer to peer lending platform for SMEs.

Buzzoole: an influencer marketing platform for social media campaigns.

Chef in camicia: an Italian social web channel dedicated to the world of food.

Cloud4Wi: Cloud4Wi offers a suite of enterprise guest WIFI, location analytics and location-based marketing products.

Codemotion: a platform that improves the developers’ professional growth by connecting IT professionals, tech communities and companies.

Cortilia: first agricultural online market that links consumers and farmers with the purpose to buy fresh food from the countryside.

Credimi: a web platform that turns invoices into cash advances in a simple, fast and reliable way. Corporates and SMEs can apply in minutes to get the advance within few hours.

D-Orbit: End-to-end services for the new space industry, including platform engineering, launch and deployment, and decommissioning.

Direttoo: is the first digital platform where restaurateurs can quickly buy everything they need and properly analyse their business.

Drexcode: an online platform for luxury clothing hire.

ELSE-Corp: an Italian B2B and B2B2C start-up, designing new technological solutions for virtual retail and cloud manufacturing.

Enerbrain: a plug & play solution for energy efficiency, allowing to get the full efficiency out of energy plants.

FindMyLost: the first digital lost & found for businesses and consumers.

ForTune: a digital audio company, which creates branded podcasts for companies and marketing tools for podcasters and audio content creators.

FrescoFrigo: a smart fridge with fresh and quality products designed for the needs of worker.

Genenta Science: a company developing a new generation of gene therapies based on transcriptional and mirRNA-mediated control.

Growish: a company that helps to collect money online from groups of friends and families to grant wishes.

ICONIUM: an Italian fintech company dedicated to blockchain projects, investments in digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

In Time Link: the all-inclusive solution for mobile cashless payments, customer assistance and telemetry for the automated retail industry.

Instal: a madtech company offering branding and performance solutions, supporting mobile marketers in turning each install into a loyal and engaged client.

Italy Innovazioni: a company based on engineering and product development to make the household’s electric outlets a delivery point of smart functions and features.

Lanieri: the first Italian e-commerce dedicated to men’s elegance, in a perfect combination of technology and tradition.

Leaf Space: a company that wants to simplify access to space for nano, micro and small satellites operator. The company is building a next gen dedicated ground station network.

LOVEThESIGN: an Italian online boutique for the best in home design.

Moneyfarm: an independent financial services provider that offers online financial advisory and execution services.

My Cooking Box: is a package that contains all you need to easily recreate one of the recipes of the Italian tradition at your place.

Neosurance: a platform which enables insurers to deliver scenario based tailored policies, thanks to with a customer insight and profiling activities.

Newronika: an university spin-off that restores brain and body functions with innovative technologies.

Oval Money: an automated saving and crowd investing marketplace that brings simple access and diversification to investment solutions for people who don’t have large sums of capital.

Pedius: a 24/7 communication service that allows the deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls.

Prenota Un Campo: an online platform and mobile application which allows users to book playgrounds.

ProntoPro: a marketplace that connects people in need with artisans and professional workers and small businesses.

Satispay: an Italian mobile app which allows people to pay in a fast and smart way through smartphones.

Soldo: is a fintech start-up that complements existing bank accounts with smart services that fit the way businesses spend.

Solenica: a company that made a designer bot called “Lucy” to bring natural illumination to homes and businesses.

Supermercato24: an Italian same-day online delivery service allowing customers to receive groceries and homegoods on the same day, even within one hour.

Sweetguest: a full management service platform for short-term rentals.

Switcho: a one-stop shop for managing recurring expenses, from household bills to subscription services.

Transactionale: Italy-based cross-marketing network start-up.

Tutored: a social platform dedicated only to university students and new graduates, where they can manage their academic and professional career at best.

Uala: a platform that allows people to book online the best treatment in hundreds of beauty salons in Italy.

Userbot: a developer and provider of AI-based customer interaction platform for businesses and enterprises.

Vikey: a company that developed a self-check-in system for apartments.

Wanderio: an online platform that enables travellers to get anywhere by comparing and booking trains, buses and flights in just one search.

Xnext: an Italian advanced inspection technology company.

Yakkyo: a company that allows micro enterprises to import from China certified products at factory prices.

Yocabè: an innovative Italian start-up with the mission of connecting apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces.