March 23, 2020 Ecosystem

Italian innovative solutions to handle and contain the coronavirus

The Italian Ministry of Innovation Technology and Digitization, together with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and Invitalia, have invited companies, associations, universities, public and private research centres to contribute, thanks to their technologies, in the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of COVID-19 on the whole Italian territory.

Here the link to the call for action (in Italian): LINK

The following are some innovative solutions, developed by Italian professionals, start-ups and SMEs, in order to help handling and containing the coronavirus.

Isinnova – 3D Valve for respiratory mask

Isinnova is a start-up based in Brescia, specialised in R&D. The Isinnova team has developed and successfully tested a 3D printed adapter to turn a snorkelling mask into a non-invasive emergency ventilator for COVID-19 patients.

You can find the full story and all technical details at this LINK

Marco Ranieri – Ventilation circuit to “double” respirators

Marco Ranieri, Professor at University of Bologna, has developed a ventilation circuit that allows to use a single respirator for providing oxygen to two patients instead of one. The circuit has already been tested, and it is now produced by Intersurgical, a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high quality medical devices for respiratory, based in Mirandola, the Modena biomedical district.

Immuni App for tracking coronavirus’ spread

Bending Spoons, the first iOS app developer in Europe, together with the Centro Medico Santagostino (Santagostino Medical Centre), Jakala, a digital marketing company specialising in georeferencing, and Geouniq, a developer of geolocation services able to identify the position of smartphones with a 10-meter margin of error, have developed an iOS and Android app for tracking the spread of coronavirus while protecting the users’ privacy.

The app will be available in few days, after a technical and scientific evaluation, and the Government approval.

Paginemediche – Coronavirus Diagnostic Chatbot

Paginemediche, a digital health start-up that connects doctors with patients, has developed a chatbot on the basis of the guidelines set out by the Italian Ministry of Health, to support the health emergency efforts. The tool is used as a support for telephone triage to highlight potential coronavirus cases.