August 4, 2022 Statistics

Italian Crowdfunding platforms: the 2022 statistics published by the Crowdinvesting Observatory

According to the Crowdinvesting Observatory of MIP, the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, the overall capital raised by Italian companies through crowdfunding platforms in the period 2014-June 2022 is € 1.13 billion. In particular, € 429 million is the capital raised through equity-based platforms, and € 701 million through lending-based platforms (including minibond).

Capital provided by crowdfunding platforms in Italy (values in € million)

According to the latest report, there are 51 authorised equity-based crowdfunding platforms in Italy. Overall, these platforms have organised 1,055 campaigns since their inception, 219 in the period June 2021-June 2022. Of the 1,055 campaigns organised, 799 were successful.

The equity raised in the period July 2021-June 2022 is € 142 million, +11% compared to the previous year. However, for the first time, the capital raised in H1 2022 is lower than in H1 2021 (-9.7%). In terms of overall raised capital, the top platforms are Mamacrowd, CrowdFundMe and Walliance.

Capital raised with the 799 successfully closed equity crowdfunding campaigns (values in € million).
The reference year is the year the campaign was closed

The average equity raised per campaign is € 204,762, with a 73.9% success rate. These numbers do not consider the real estate equity crowdfunding platforms, which on average raise € 1,078,633 per campaign.

The 799 successful campaigns achieved a 184% overfunding (median value). By contrast, the unsuccessful closed campaigns amounted to 9% of the target (median value).

The average number of investors who joined the equity crowdfunding offer is 96.2 (the median is 54). The average share of capital offered in exchange for the capital raised is 8.65%, with a high variability; the median value is 5.24%.

Companies raising capital are primary innovative start-ups (65%), innovative SMEs (12%) and then “traditional” SMEs and investment vehicles. The median pre-money valuation is approx. € 2 million.

If we look at the investment size, the average ticket is € 3,913 for individuals and € 35,740 for corporates. As of 30 June 2022, the overall portfolio’s value increased by 17.45% compared to the estimated value in the previous year.

On the lending side, the total number of lending crowdfunding platforms operating in Italy is 39 as of June 2022: 7 platforms specialised in consumer lending (such as Soisy, Prestiamoci, and Smartika); 12 of which specialised in business lending (such as October and Credimi); 20 real estate platforms (such as Rendimento Etico, Recrowd and Trusters).

The graphs below show the total amounts of loans provided by lending platforms.

Loans provided by consumer lending crowdfunding platforms (values in € million)
Loans provided by business lending crowdfunding platforms (values in € million)
Loans provided by real estate lending crowdfunding platforms (values in € million)


The report (in Italian) is available at the following link: