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Investor Visa for Italy: key info

Investor Visa for Italy is a 2-year entry visa for non-EU citizens (renewable for further 3-year periods) who intend to make an investment or donation in strategic areas for the Italian economy and society.

With the Investor Visa for Italy, the Italian Government reaffirms its commitment to making Italy increasingly attractive to international flows of human and financial capital.

The visa is issued to individuals after they arrive in Italy, and only in circumstances that can be defined, for various reasons, as of public interest.

These may be: a large investment in medium/long-term Italian government bonds; an equity investment in an Italian limited company (incorporated and operating in Italy); equity investment in innovative start-ups; a philanthropic donation in key areas for the present and future of Italy (culture, research, protection of the environment, management of migratory flows).

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The visa is issued and maintened if:

  • the execution of the investment or donation declared in the visa application is made within 3 months of the date of entry into Italy;
  • the original investment is maintained for the entire period of validity of the permit.

If one of these two conditions is not satisfied, the investor residence permit may be revoked, even before its expiry date, and renewal is not permitted.

Foreign citizens who received an Investor Visa for Italy, and who intend to transfer their residence to Italy, can benefit of several incentive measures, mainly of a fiscal nature, introduced with Italy’s 2017 Budget Law.

For example, an investor visa holder can opt for the special tax regime for new residents: individuals who transfer their tax residence to Italy may substitute regular taxation on their entire income generated outside Italian territory by paying, once a year, a €100,000 lump sum. The new regime is applicable, upon request, under the condition that he or she has not been resident in the country for at least 9 out of the last 10 years. Family members may also be covered by the scheme by paying an additional €25,000 for each dependent. The scheme has a maximum duration of 15 years.

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The procedure to obtain an Investor Visa for Italy is significantly simplified, and embraces three main distinctive principles:

  • Centralisation: although the procedure involves a number of administrations, there is a single contact point between the applicant and the Italian State (the Secretariat of the Investor Visa for Italy Committee).
  • Digitisation: the entire procedure is carried out on line, through a dedicated IT platform, used for all communications between the visa applicant and the administration.
  • Speed: the applicant is notified of the outcome of his/her visa application within 30 days of sending the complete documentation.

With Decree-Law n. 34 dated 19 May 2020 (the “Rilancio Decree“), the Italian Government reduced the investment thresholds in order to get the visa: from € 1 million to € 500,000 for investments in an Italian limited company, and, from € 500,000 to € 250,000 for investments in registered innovative start-ups.


For more info visit: https://investorvisa.mise.gov.it/index.php/en/

The Investor Visa for Italy’s Policy Guidance is available at the this LINK