June 7, 2021 Statistics

70% of Italian startups created jobs in 2020: the research of Egon Zehnder and VC Hub Italia

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic period, startups have continued to hire and offer opportunities for professional development with the growth of their businesses.

According to the research conducted by Egon Zehnder and VC Hub Italia, Italian startups have continued to hire despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, 70% of the surveyed startups and innovative companies increased their staff in 2020. Among these, 20% have experienced a growth of 100% or more.

About 73% of the companies involved in the research employ less than 20 employees, 23% of them employ between 20 and 70 employees, and the remaining 4% are companies with more than 70 employees.

Most companies (75%) hire recent graduates and within these companies, up to 30% are employees with their first post-graduate working experience. Employees mostly have a specific background in engineering, economics and information sciences.

About 80% of companies have hired almost all their employees (80%) with a full-time contract. Although 80% of companies take advantage of external personnel regularly, most of them employ no more than 5 resources.

On average, 63% of employees are under 35 years old, and 90% are under 40 years old. All employees are based in Italy in 70% of the cases, but in nearly 60% of the surveyed companies, there is at least one non-Italian employee.

The biggest part of equity is held by founders. Excluding them, the average equity percentage reserved to the management team is nearly 10% and about 25% of employees hold shares or stock options in the company where they work.

Female talent within the companies analysed is in line with the data on female employment in top positions in Italy: one member out of five within the management team is a woman.

Moreover, 80% of the surveyed startups plan to hire new employees in 2021, including those that did not grow in 2020. Major staff increases are expected in the fields of engineering, product and sales and research.

Software engineering, back-end technology, data management & advanced analytics and product management are the most sought-after skills on the Italian market.


For more info (in Italian): https://www.vchub.it/post/il-70-delle-startup-italiane-ha-creato-posti-di-lavoro-nel-2020